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Form now on DOWNTOWN UNDERGROUND became also an itinerant party where Supernova are both creatore and Dj's resident. LAPSUS MUSIC, their label born in January 2009 is today considered as one of the most propositive independent label between the clubbing scene. In Italy they often play and work together with the most important clubs and recently they are more and more requested by the best international clubs. Their live dj sets showcases a blend of tech, funk deep and acid house, coming from their dj's and musicians past careers transformed now into an exclusive sound which is a real style, their own brand.
SUPERNOVA productions are always characterized by their personal atmosphere. Their powerful grooves, sounds and the original and eclectic style in finding arrangements, have now become a point of reference.
SUPERNOVA music is released by some important labels like Lapsus Music, Defected, Great Stuff, Tronic, Bla Bla, Madhouse, Stereo Productions, Strictly Rhythm.


The SUPERNOVA project was born in 2002 when Emiliano "EMIJAY" Nencioni & Giacomo "G.O.D.I" Godi met and, after separate and successfull careers in their own towns, decided to join and give birth to something global and ambitious. "AFTERBEACH", their debut album released in 2003 is composed by 12 experimental tracks which range from Chill Out to melodic Techno. After obtaining several important approvals by music critics, many tracks were played by the Italian netwoks and were also requested to be included in famous compilations.
From 2003 SUPERNOVA began to play a set up created in studio; they never stopped to change and update it, until they anticipated what afterwards became a very common way of palying in the clubs: the LIVE SET The second album "DOWNTOWN UNDERGROUND", released by Sony Bmg in 2007 and characterized by several international collaborations ( i.e Grandmaster Melle Mel) and vintage inspirations, was immediately supported by Mtv and by the coolest critics, bringing SUPERNOVA to start several tours in China and the US.

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15/03/13 Supernova at 4cento || Milan

16/03/13 Supernova at Ministry Of Sound || London

21/03/13 Supernova at Tenax Party || Miami

22/03/13 Supernova at DITH - Nikki Beach || Miami

25/03/13 Supernova at Monday Social - Playhouse Hollywood || LA

31/03/13 Supernova at Tenax - Nobody's Perfect || Florence

12/04/13 Supernova at 4cento || Milan

13/04/13 Supernova at *C Plaza || Zurich

19/04/13 Supernova at Shambala || Milan

27/04/13 Supernova at TBC || Amalfi

02/05/13 Supernova at Mardan Palace Antalya || Turkey

04/05/13 Supernova at TBC U.Bug Lounge || Istanbul

10/05/13 Supernova at Shlagzane || Tel Aviv

11/05/13 Supernova at TBC || Georgia

31/05/13 Supernova at DC7 - The Egg || London

07/06/13 Supernova at Liv || Buenos Aires

08/06/13 Supernova at TBC || Argentina

14/06/13 Supernova at TBC || Porto Alegre - Brazil

15/06/13 Supernova at Club Vibe || Curtiba

20/06/13 Supernova at The Bombman Universe Festival || Algeria

21/06/13 Supernova at Kitchen Dublin C*

14/06/13 Supernova at Ministry Of Sound || London

12/07/13 Supernova at TBC - Peterpan || Riccione

18/07/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

20/07/13 Supernova at TBC Festival

25/07/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

26/07/13 Supernova at TBC || Copenhagen

27/07/13 Supernova at Bedroom Beach || Bulgaria

01/08/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

08/08/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

09/08/13 Supernova at TBC || Slovenia

10/08/13 Supernova at Lakedance || The Netherlands

17/08/13 Supernova at Ministry Of Sound TBC|| London

22/08/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

29/08/13 Supernova at Phi Beach || Costa Smeralda

01/08/13 Supernova at TBC || Ibiza